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Colorado Pro Bono Legal Information, Resources and Assistance

The Colorado Supreme Court recognizes those law firms, solo practitioners, and in-house counsel groups that have committed to the annual goal of 50 hours of pro bono legal services by their Colorado-licensed attorneys, primarily for the indigent and/or organizations serving the indigent, and valuing such hours for all purposes of attorney evaluation and advancement.

Colorado Pro bono Summary: Colorado Legal Services (CLS) is a non-profit corporation that has assisted persons with low income and seniors in the State of Colorado for over 75 years. The mission of CLS is to provide meaningful access to high quality legal services in the pursuit of justice for as many low income people throughout Colorado as possible. The Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. It was founded in 1981 to expand the funding base to support civil legal services for low-income people. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees comprised primarily of lawyers from around the state.

The Legal Aid foundation provides help in:

  • obtaining or maintaining access to health care
  • saving their homes from foreclosure
  • obtaining child support orders
  • obtaining or maintaining disability benefits
  • restoring family stability

Colorado Pro bono Contacts:

Molly French
Colorado Legal Services
1905 Sherman,
Suite 400
Denver, CO 802
03 303.837.1313

Diana Poole
Executive Director

The Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado
1900 Grant Street, Suite 1112
Denver, CO 80203
Ph: 303-863-9544

Pro bono Awards:

The Jacob V. Schaetzel Award recognizes lawyers and non-lawyers who have made significant contributions in the development of delivery systems for legal services to low-income citizens in Colorado.

The Donald W. Hoagland Award annually recognizes and honors outstanding leaders in the development and implementation of pro bono representation.

The Pro Bono Coordinator of the Year Award recognizes an individual coordinator’s outstanding efforts in providing access to pro bono legal services in the community.

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