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New Hampshire Pro Bono Legal Information, Resources and AssistanceM

Pro bono is a term that has its origin in the Latin phrase “pro bono publico”, meaning for the public good. Consequently, pro bono lawyers represent those citizens that cannot afford legal services, free of charge.

New Hampshire Pro Bono Summary: New Hampshire Bar Foundation funds legal aid organizations, providing free or low-cost civil legal services every year to more than 25,000 residents in New Hampshire. The nonprofit organizations help the most vulnerable members in communities, including:

  • Abused, neglected and otherwise disadvantaged children
  • Women and children victimized by domestic or sexual violence
  • Elderly victims of consumer fraud and other abuse
  • Immigrants trying to understand their rights and responsibilities
  • Disabled people fighting for inclusion and independence
  • Low-income families struggling to protect their right to safe housing and fight unlawful evictions
  • Victims of predatory lending and other abusive practices

New Hampshire Legal Assistance (NHLA) is a non-profit law firm offering legal services in civil matters to seniors and eligible low-income persons. NHLA provides high quality legal services to vulnerable low-income people, ranging from simple legal information and advice to vigorous and thorough representation in all of New Hampshire's courts and before many of the local, state and federal agencies which play large roles in the lives of low-income people. In providing legal services to the poor, NHLA helps balance the scales of justice for all citizens.

The current NHLA program priorities are:

  1. Children's HealthM
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. Housing
  4. Immigrants' Rights
  5. Inmate Representation
  6. Seniors
  7. Youth Law

NHLA focuses its efforts on the following benefits issues:

  • Disability cases (Social Security, SSI, SSDI, and APTD).
  • Food stamps.
  • Local welfare.
  • Medicaid.
  • Minimum wage improvement and policy.
  • TANF.
  • Unemployment compensation.
  • Public utilities (electricity, fuel assistance, gas, telephone).

NHLA serves all of New Hampshire from seven offices across the state. Office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Senior Citizens Advice Line:
(603) 624-6000M

(603) 206-2299

New Hampshire Pro Bono Contacts:

Connie L. Rakowsky, Esq
1361 Elm St
Manchester, NH 03101-1333
(603) 668-2900

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